Our Mission

We are on a mission to sell 10,000 umbrellas during the monsoon season of 2018. And ramp up the production to double the next year. Our expectation is that we can use our profits from 2018 to open up similar units in two more villages by 2019. We already have a distribution channel to consume our current production rate. But we want to explore other distribution channels as well through the end of 2019. Ensuring few trusted distribution channels is the first step in building the flagship model. And by the beginning of 2020, we will be ready to recruit several hundred tribal units. They will use the material procurement and distribution channels we have built. The plan is to capture a 10% market share of umbrella market by end of 2022. And by the time, we will have 200 production units spread across India. Each of them as separate profit unit but all sharing the same distribution channels.

Contact Us

Thampu, CC No.70/367,
Sastha Temple Road Kaloor,
Kochi, Ernakulam - 682017.
Rajendra Prasad +91-9447139784 Chindhu +91-8848933391